Varias series componen la extensa obra de Eduardo Romaguera. En ellas hay una búsqueda constante del movimiento, formas y colores se mezclan para crear un universo propio y particular que hacen de este pintor un artista inclasificable.


VIDEO POESÍA: Proyecto de video y gráfica. Poesía concreta en movimiento. Arte y pensamiento.


‘The words moving on the landscape (the word Pez is translated as Fish) tell us about the origins of

writing.’ Romaguera films moving plastic letters which seem to jump on the sand as the steady

rhythm of the waves breaking on the shore provides its repetitive soundtrack. In its simplicity this work addresses one of the primary philosophical hierarchical conflicts which has existed for over 2000 years – the domination of cyclical nature or matter by the word and linear discourse or writing. Yet here the word is conflated with nature and we are also pointed to nature’s repetitive rhythms – the waves crashing forming their own familiar metronomic, whilst the fish/word leaps, and reversing the culture/nature order, gasps for breath.

Proyecto de fotografía realizado en diferentes lugares del mundo.